Our Method
Insider Expertise

Mitigation starts with a deep understanding of what or who is causing the spread of coordinated falsehoods. Our expertise allows us to find and detect users who are actively concealing their identities, motivations, and goals.

Disinformation is a newer tactic, but it’s not going away. Defending against it requires a proactive approach and deep understanding of the types of people and groups who are behind these attacks. Our AI-powered platform Artemis and our team of experts take a whole of internet approach to scour a broad array of social media platforms, forums, blogs, languages, special interest groups, and influential figures.

How a disinformation campaign works:
Actors Icon
Countless independent actors across 80+ countries engage in disinformation operations.
Behaviors Icon
Tools and tactics shine light on who might be behind a campaign and why.
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Knowing what actors are saying and what is relevant is critical for a mitigation plan.
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Actors have a goal in disinformation campaigns and will target specific population groups to reach them.
How Alethea Protects You
Threats can come from all corners of the web. It’s crucial to understand what you can do about them before they start to proliferate and trend. Artemis conducts a deep multi-channel analysis, then uses machine learning to identify top emerging narratives and the risk they pose to your organizational goals.   

Let's Go

Don’t wait for disinformation to come to you. With Artemis, we can go to it and mitigate problems before they have a chance to become catastrophes.