We’re flipping the traditional intelligence model on its head — creating proactive, actionable insights.  

Alethea’s mission is to protect organizations from harms caused by disinformation, misinformation, and social media manipulation. We don’t just listen to what’s out there, we predict how you can avoid risk. 

Our AI-powered solution, Artemis, uses advanced analytics and machine learning to proactively identify narratives and risks that threaten your organization’s license to operate. Built by our team of expert analysts, we’ve automated our extensive knowledge of foreign and domestic actors and the techniques, tactics, and strategies adversaries are using to target organizations every day into a platform that pulls from a wide breadth of data sources.

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Fortune and Business Insider named the company one of the most promising cybersecurity startups in 2023. 

Our Difference
Alethea proactively identifies online risk long before your social listening tool tells you it’s trending on Twitter/X. Our AI models detect narratives that could damage your brand, assess the risk to your organization, and enable swift mitigation that’s in line with your goals.
Our Difference
Our Expertise
Don’t just listen — understand. Artemis is the first platform of its kind. We leverage multi-channel analysis across billions of data points, including on platforms you probably haven’t heard (and don’t want to hear) about. While many organizations are new to dealing with this threat, our team of experts built the AI solution that we needed to turn decades of experience into a platform that enables smart decisions. We know exactly how to spot signals from state actors, domestic extremists, short sellers, influencer groups, and your competitors, providing you with crucial insights. Our expertise allows you to understand who is behind a narrative, how it's spreading, and the associated risks, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.
Our Expertise
Our Results
We’ve partnered with everyone from the Fortune 50 to highly targeted individuals. We’ve successfully navigated or preempted countless narratives. By leveraging Artemis or partnering with our experts, you don’t have to go at it alone.
Our Results
Our Ethics
Disinformation is an urgent national security threat — not a political issue.
In a largely unregulated space, ethics is at the forefront of everything we do.
We will not create or conduct
a disinformation campaign.
We do not support clients who undermine institutions that protect us from disinformation
and social media manipulation.

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