The inaugural edition of Cyber Bulletin, Bloomberg’s weekly dispatch on hacking and internet security.

Bloomberg: Jeff Stone

What We Learned This Week

Alethea, the anti-disinformation startup formerly known as Alethea Group, raised $10 million in Series A funding, chief executive Lisa Kaplan told Bloomberg News. The round was led by Ballistic Ventures’ Ted Schlein and Kevin Mandia, whose cyber firm Mandiant was acquired this year by Google for $5.4 billion.

Alethea intends to dedicate the new cash to building out its tech product Artemis, which scans social media to detect signs of coordinated inauthentic behavior, and to build a staff of data scientists, Kaplan said.

“People don’t need to hack your systems anymore,” Kaplan said. “It’s way easier for them to make other people believe things that aren’t true about your brand. That’s already the next big thing and it’s happening now.”

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