Vice President of Analysis at Alethea Group Cindy Otis discusses the role of disinformation in the 2020 presidential election.

"It's really going to take a whole of community effort. I haven't seen that coming together yet where mainstream media outlets are partnering with tech platforms and partnering with government, civil society, et cetera to put out consistent messaging about some of the things that we outline. We're not going to necessarily know the election results in maybe any of the elections that you have voted in and any of the races that you voted in right on election day. This is going to take some time. Here's how the process works. Here's how mail-in voting works. Here's how absentee works. This is legitimate, but it's a process to help educate people so that then when they see the claims of tampering or, "Well, my candidate won on election day, but now you're saying they didn't win because of what I've been told is a rigged process," we're just in such dangerous territory when we're not doing that consistent messaging to help educate people ahead of time so that they know to spot these things or to question the kinds of narratives that they will absolutely be seeing on election day and afterwards."

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