Alethea Group Founder and CEO Lisa Kaplan talks about what private companies should be doing to prepare for and respond to disinformation campaigns.

“Private companies are increasingly vulnerable to misinformation campaigns and yet few, if any, have taken the necessary steps to protect their brands, their employees, and their bottom lines,” said Lisa Kaplan, founder and CEO of Alethea Group and former digital director for US Senator Angus King’s (I-Maine) 2018 re-election campaign. “Misinformation is a threat to all organizations' ability to communicate with their customers, stakeholders, and voters,” she said.

“The reactive, piecemeal approaches we have seen lately will no longer cut it. To adequately prepare, companies need a comprehensive plan, including the capability to detect and mitigate disinformation before it takes hold. The C-Suite can’t keep crossing their fingers and hoping that they won’t be next,” Kaplan advised.

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