The National Press Club: Lisa Kaplan, Dipayan Ghosh, & T. Garland Stansell

The National Press Club Communicators Committee invites you to join the second event in a series of critical conversations on disinformation, dark PR, and how we can address it. The upcoming conversation will look inward at how we, as communicators, can help protect our clients and the public from intentional deception enabled by social networks, big data, and even bad actors within our industry.

On Thursday, October 15, at noon, learn how we can fight disinformation campaigns, create effective industry regulation and examine and improve ethics around deception in public relations and public affairs.

Our panel features speakers have been on the front lines of the fight against disinformation inside the world’s largest social media companies, on political campaigns, in government and within the public relations industry.

Lisa Kaplan drove a proactive and defensive digital strategy as digital director for Senator Angus King’s reelection campaign in 2018 before founding the Alethea Group to help clients protect against disinformation.

Read and watch the full event here.