From Reducing Incarceration To Fighting Disinformation: These 30 Under 30 Social Impact Leaders Will Change World In 2021

At 29 years of age, Lisa is a pioneer in the field of disinformation mitigation. She founded Alethea Group in 2019 to protect the truth and build resiliency against the kinds of disinformation operations that plagued the 2016 election cycle. A trailblazer in this emerging field, Lisa understands the growing threat that disinformation poses not just to political campaigns, but to democratic institutions, companies and the public interest.

Disinformation campaigns, or viral conspiracy theories, can dramatically impact brand reputation, employee safety and financial bottom lines. Individual companies are at stake. Our economic stability is at stake. And most importantly, our democracy’s at stake.

Learn how Lisa is leveraging her business smarts to save the world here.

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