Washington, DC, January 4, 2022 --

Alethea has been awarded an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract to help the Air Force detect and mitigate instances of disinformation and misinformation. Artemis, Alethea's machine learning platform, will be used to enable Air Force decision makers to proactively counter-message disinformation narratives in a way that’s appropriate for a government use-case.

Alethea Founder & CEO Lisa Kaplan notes: “Protecting our democratic institutions and values from disinformation and misinformation, including our Air Force and members of the military, is critical. We’re looking forward to working with our government partners and supporting their mission.”

Adversaries are finding the use of disinformation to be more effective in influencing behavior and have targeted the US military, Service members, Veterans, and their families. Narratives and false information resulting from disinformation have negative consequences for the military ranging from heightened political tensions that cause divisions between Service members, to lower COVID vaccination rates, to violence and offline action inspired by conspiracy theories.

Understanding these narratives and detecting and assessing disinformation from content across the internet is challenging and time consuming given the number of data points, low visibility into the dark web or activity in countries like Russia and China, and frequently changing tactics and techniques. It’s also challenging to take all of these data points and quickly understand the narratives that require mitigation.

Through using this tool, Air Force Public Affairs Offices can spend significantly less time detecting and assessing narratives and more time creating proactive messaging to counter the influence of these efforts, reducing the risk posed by these narratives to Air Force's mission, operations, Service members, veterans, and military families.


Founded in 2019 with the mission to protect the truth, Alethea detects and mitigates instances of disinformation and social media manipulation to help clients navigate the new digital reality. Alethea is women and disability-owned and operated.

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